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In order to promote the ecological development of the HPB core chain community and accelerate the ecological construction of the HPB core chain, the HPB Core Chain Foundation is now recruiting blockchain technology developers from the community. Developers are welcome to work with HPB to promote the development of blockchain technology.

If your friend is interested in these positions, please recommend her/him to join us, you will have the opportunity to receive 1000 to 2000 hpb token reward, the HPB Foundation will send the token to you in 2 times base on your friend successfully joined the team within 2 months,the open recruitment positions are as follows:

Blockchain Algorithm Engineer (Submit Resume)

Job temptation:

Rich HPB token rewards, flexible working hours & locations!

Description of job:

Job Responsibilities:

Research, comparison and improvement of consensus algorithms, and propose feasible consensus algorithms according to product requirements;

Research on redundancy of blockchain data, and algorithm research on rapid query and retrieval of massive data;

Research on transaction real-time and security algorithms based on blockchain technology;

Intelligent contract algorithm research;

Design a blockchain model for use in various industries and conduct feasibility studies.

Build a low-level architecture based on blockchain, which can realize public chain, side chain, private chain and multiple logics.

Job requirements:

Have certain research on P2P operating mechanism and network protocols, various consensus algorithms, and various encryption algorithms;

Research on the security, real-time and data redundancy of blockchain-based trading systems;

Good at abstract thinking and strong in logical thinking;

Ability to read and write related English technical papers in the field of information technology;

Strong interest in research in the field of blockchain and priority in good mathematics and computer science.

It is better to have experience in contributing to the blockchain open source community code.

Work place:

Distributed office, Antarctic, Arctic, Moon, New York, Shanghai, anywhere!

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Blockchain bottom development engineer (submit resume)

Job temptation:

Rich HPB token rewards, flexible working hours & locations!

Description of job:

Job Responsibilities:

Responsible for the implementation and maintenance of the underlying technology of the HPB blockchain, such as: consensus mechanism, distributed network, privacy protection mechanism, etc.;

Responsible for the research and exploration of the frontier technology of the blockchain, and promote the research results to the blockchain of Tencent;

Participate in the project design, specific modules, and contract development of specific projects.

Job requirements:

More than 3 years of Linux server side go, C + + development experience, familiar with operating system, multi-threaded and other related basic knowledge;

Understand the implementation of one or more blockchain platform technologies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Fabric, etc., it is best to directly participate in the development of blockchain platform;

Familiar with database and network related knowledge, understand common encryption and decryption, signature algorithm principle and usage;

Clear thinking, careful, active thinking, and love programmers are very good;

Have good teamwork ability, love the blockchain core technology, and are willing to contribute to the development of blockchain.

Working address:

Distributed office, Antarctic, Arctic, Moon, New York, Shanghai, anywhere!

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Blockchain Security Engineer (submit resume)

Job temptation:

Rich HPB token rewards, flexible working hours & locations!

description of job:


Responsible for testing and evaluation of HPB blockchain system, technical support for security issues, including security assessment vulnerability discovery, verification and patching, security incident emergency response, etc.

Responsible for vulnerability detection of network devices (HPB BOE hardware boards), servers, tracking the progress of vulnerabilities, and fixing vulnerabilities;

Responsible for tracking and analyzing various security issues and security incidents, and handling emergency incidents such as Trojans, viruses, DDOS attacks, etc.;

Responsible for daily information security risk operations, such as internal network or system security incident response and processing;

Strong document writing ability, responsible for writing fault analysis reports;

job requirements:

Familiar with the mainstream blockchain code consensus algorithm logic, database vulnerability mining, familiar with the inherent principles of vulnerability, detection methods, utilization means and corresponding solutions;

Proficiency in the working principles of mainstream firewalls, intrusion detection, vulnerability scanning and other security products, and configuration, commissioning and troubleshooting;

Proficiency in the use of platforms such as Linux, familiar with attack and defense technologies;

Proficient in shell, skilled in using one of C, C++, go language;

Have experience in network anti-attack, have a certain understanding of the fortress system;

working address:

Distributed office, Antarctic, Arctic, Moon, New York, Shanghai, anywhere!

About HPB

High Performance Blockchain (HPB) is a revolutionary permissionless blockchain architecture that combines a customized hardware Blockchain Offload Engine (BOE), with high-performance blockchain software. The addition of a hardware based BOE, allows for high transaction speed and extremely low latency.

Despite high-performance, there is no compromise in terms of security and decentralization, as the Node network verifies transactions worldwide and is comprised of a dual election mechanism combining the best aspects of voting and delegation.

As a permissionless blockchain, anyone can deploy smart contracts, contribute data or use the blockchain. It is our goal to enable and empower as many individuals and enterprises worldwide and build HPB’s DApp ecosystem tailored for enterprise applications.

Now, almost 40 developers based on Beijing and Shanghai, in the long term strategy, HPB welcome more developer join our code world. please join us and send me mail.

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